Making of Deskapades

Deskapades is a small simulation game I made in about three days using RenPy. I did a lot of the concept scripting during breaks at work, SSHing into my server and writing the basic game code. I also did the sketches for the game art in my small day planner during my breaks as well. I didn't even scan the art in, I took photos with my camera and adjusted them on my computer at home.

A sketchbook with backgrounds from the game

A sketchbook with backgrounds from the game

My inspiration is (if it's not obvious), the way I feel during bad weeks at work. My mood goes up and down, and on good days I get a lot of work done and the day goes by fast and I feel good. On bad days, I still do a lot of work but the days drag on and on and on. And on these bad days, I feel like a rodent trapped in a big box. A box with a small break room and some bathrooms and really nothing to do to clear my mind or reorient myself. I've even found myself being at a good stopping point for the tasks I'm doing right at 3 pm, and just having to find a way to fill time until 4 pm when I can leave. (Also, I usually skip lunch because it just means I have to stay that much longer.)

And these problems aren't specific to my current job; it's been something I've always dealt with for the last decade with software development jobs. Gotta be in a specific place for this length of time, between this time and that time, and work work work.

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May 23, 2019

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