Demo of The Little Mermaid now available!

The Little Mermaid by Rebekah Gall

In The Little Mermaid, the princess Ahriul is growing bored of her mundane, undersea life. She often visits the surface, and finds a man she falls immediately for.

But, is the price paid to pursue that man worth it?

Download the Demo at and please make sure to leave a comment to let Rebekah know what you thought!


The Moosader 2018 interns have been working very hard during our weekly meetings, each of them building their own visual novel. They choose the story, the style, and the implementation, and I help them by teaching them to code with RenPy, working on artwork, and otherwise giving guidance. We all have day jobs, but the great work done so far on these games just shows how much you can do by keeping at it, working at least once a week or maybe more.


The Little Mermaid Demo v0.1 123 MB
Jun 09, 2018

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