Sometimes I enjoy programming

It's been a hurdle getting myself to program any games the past few months. Part of the challenge is being busy and convincing myself that I can get a lot of work done in just an hour or two. Another part is feeling directionless (I made an issue list to help me with that), and also wondering if this is something I really want to work on. But even though I try to come up with other ideas, nothing really sounds good. I'm not super passionate about any specific thing I could be working on.

It is nice to see progress, though. I did some programming on this Wednesday and Thursday and even today - Friday! I fixed some bugs, rearranged the UI a bit, and added some features - like tracking your game stats and showing you the results at the end.

I think that I'm going to try to just polish up one minigame at a time and post releases every time there's a new minigame. Currently, I'm working on the Animals minigame.

Remaining things to do for Animals minigame

  • Voice files:
    • I need to record the audio for Esperanto.
    • I or a friend can record the audio for English.
    • Have a friend record the audio for Spanish.
  • Art:
    • Animate the helper sprite? (Optional)
    • Draw a different helper sprite for English / Spanish helpers (based on who is doing the voices.)
    • Animate placeholder player sprite
      • Idle animation
      • Charge/attack animation
  • Audio:
    • Need sound effects for attacking, wrong answer, button clicks?
    • Need some kind of background music for the main menu and the animals minigame.
  • Code:
    • Make animal sprites move when attacked, maybe run away when they're the wrong animal for the question.

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