A downloadable game for Windows

Embark on a quest to learn a new tongue


Language Fantasy is a series of games built for reviewing language vocabulary. They include cute graphics, several word categories, and spoken phrases.

Languages currently available:

  • English
  • Español (Spanish)
  • Esperanto


The latest version of Merri Language Fantasy is currently being developed!


An older version of the game is currently available via Google Play.

English Fantasy - Fantasía de Español - Fantazio de Esperanto

Miner Demo

You can also try out the demo for the latest mini-game, currently for download on Windows. (Scroll to the bottom!)

As of 2015-08-25, Japanese is not currently supported, as some tweaks need to be made (i.e., loading in a different font)

How to play

You can move the miner using either the arrow keys on your keyboard, or by clicking the on-screen arrows and action buttons. You will need access to the mouse during shop sections, so you can buy items or continue on your way down.

Feedback Form:

Make sure to give feedback on what you thought!

Source Code:

You can view the source, and translation help, on GitHub.


2014 Android Release

Programming & Art: Rachel J. Morris

Esperanto Translation: Rachel & Tea

Spanish Translation: Enmanuel Toribio (eatskolnikov)

Music: Jordan Trudgett (tgfcoder)

2015 Miner Demo

Esperanto Translation & Review: Rachel, Donald

Ido Translation & Review: Rachel

Spanish Translation: Tea Coba

German Translation: Marius Stärk

French Translation: Vanege

Ithkuil Translation: Chikaodinaka 'dkawirl' Oluigbo

Download / Elŝuti


Merri_MinerDemo_2015-08-25.zip 23 MB
Merri - Miner Demo (Alternative Link)