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Chalo is a game engine built by Rachel Wil Sha Singh for their own games. It is built on top of C++ and SFML.

Chalo repositories:

Projects using Chalo:

Current features

  • Menu markup system and UI system (labels, images, buttons, textboxes)
  • Config system
  • Basic asset managers
  • Logger utility
  • Mappable controls
  • Basic collision helper functions (bounding box, distance formula)
  • State manager
  • Map and tile objects
  • Multi-language support; external language file support
  • OpenDyslexic font support (just toggle it in the menu!)


  • Have a bunch of boilerplate code covered so I don't have to write it every time I make a new game.
    • Accessibility features (remappable keys, colorblind tools, dyslexia font support, maybe some kind of text-to-speech support?)
    • Basic scripting/event system.
    • A variety of game objects with different movement types (platformer, top-down, etc.)
    • Basics physics handling stuff.
  • Build tools to help me make games without relying on third party tools that may not meet all my needs...
    • Map editor.

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