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Vamoose is a personal project of Rachel Singh, compiling their old games (and perhaps some new ones?) in one place and with one interface, built to be ran on a RasPi computer as a standalone game "console".

Classic Moosadee games... reworked for television!

Several classic games made by Rachel in the 2000's are being reworked to work with gamepad and support widescreen televisions!

  • Quix Attax Deux - Rachel's 3rd ever C++ game
  • Bootleg Bash - A knockoff Smash Bros demake
  • Rawr Rinth - A game about being a dinosaur in the suburbs
  • Shopping Mall - Go shopping together

More games to come?

  • Nothing solidified yet!

Source code repository!

Here: https://gitlab.com/RachelWilShaSingh/vamoose

Development log

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