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Rachel's Game Pack is a work in progress collection of crank-based minigames for the PlayDate.

Install by downloading the zip file, going to https://play.date/account/sideload/, and uploading the zip to sideload it!

Source code: https://gitlab.com/moosadee/moosadee-playdate-games

Games available in the current version:

    1. Toilet Paper Cat
    2. Bass Ball
    3. I Hate Skeletons
    4. We Have Lasers
    5. High 5 King
    6. Motor Horse
    7. Pupreciation
    8. Deskapades!

    Coming next version:

    I'm working on it!

    12 total games planned for the game pack!

    StatusIn development
    Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
    (7 total ratings)
    Tagsminigames, Playdate


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    RachelsGamePack1-7.pdx.zip 3 MB

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    thanks for making this collection name your price, i haven't even finished them all and i came back to pay more for it! i just got my device so this is one of my first few games, and i feel like i understand the device & crank's potential sooo much more.

    Aww thanks! :) I'm glad you enjoy it, it was a lot of fun to make.


    these little games are really cute! i really like your art style. this whole thing reminds me of flash games i'd see online when i was a kid, it's lovely.

    Thanks! :D I sure miss those flash game days! ;-;

    Hi - in descapades - the coffee cups do not appear - is there a trick ?

    Neither button A nor B make it show up? If a coworker is near it, they'll grab it, but if you place it a few tiles away they will walk towards it.

    ok yes - it works - thank you :)

    I will try to put some kind of animation to show when the coffee is being taken!

    (1 edit) (+1)

    great idea ! and I am getting the hang of it - this game is well done - you have to be a little bit strategic in where you place the cup and with the timing - another great game in the pack and I think this is my fav :)


    oups forgot to mention that the crank is super sensitive - you barely touch it and the crank image shows up 

    Yeah I need to make the reset better lol. Thanks for playing! :) Will polish it up in the next update!


    just a quick note so say I love the games !! thanks :) 

    Thanks so much!! :D It means a lot to me! <3


    Hey! I played when it was at 20% complete and I gotta say: your game sure have heart. Sadly the Playdate update that prob fixed the capture sound issues came out just after I recorded but I'll revisit when more games are added/the game is 100%.

    Aww thanks so much! And thanks for letting me know you made this!!


    I can do a 14 second toilet roll. These are great. I'm looking forward to Sentient Ball and High Five King.

    P.S. Bass Ball's hit counter is bugged.


    Oh yeah, I'll add it to my issue log!

    And nice, my best TP time is 15, so you beat me! :)


    This is really cute and fun. Cant wait to see the rest of the games in this collection.

    Thanks! :)