Future updates, and Rachel's Playdate Game Pack is in Playdate Update #4! :)

Hi all!

Wanted to make a quick update because I am planning on making another update to this game pack, though it probably won't be until 2024, as I am currently busy with the end of the semester and working on my yearly Christmas game, Christmas Horse. :)

First off, I want to thank Panic for showing my game in their Playdate Update #4! It shows up at 9:50 in the video :)

As far as updates for the game pack next year, I left my notebook at home today, but the big two things are fixing up the sound quality (trying to balance quality and size of the game!) AND replacing one of the games! Spoilers... it's "I Hate Skeletons". I might keep the same name, but I'm updating it so it feels more like an actual game with some kind of goal. Same cool first person view and rotation with the crank. I'll show off more once I'm able to work on it again after the holidays! (You can see the secret future update previewed in the Playdate Update #4 as well ;)

What will I be working on in 2024?! I mean, with my ADHD, who knows? Though honestly a game pack was a great project for me to work on, where I could focus on little experiments and try different things. So maybe I'll take some of the ideas I was working on as separate games, and find a way to squish them together for a second game pack! Who knows, I need to finish the semester and all this grading before I can seriously think about it! x)

🍉 Finally, today is November 8th and I want to bring up something important. I would like to see more of us come together and demand a cease fire, with Israel's strikes on Gaza since the October 7th terrorist event from Hamas. I honor and value my Jewish and Muslim friends and community members here locally, and I don't want to see any innocent civilians suffering, but that is what is currently going on. The retaliation that the Palestinian people are facing is inhumane and awful. Please take a moment to donate to aid Gaza, reach out to your politicians to demand your government press for a cease fire, attend a protest/rally, or spread awareness otherwise.

Thanks for reading!

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