More delays, sorry! :(

Hi all -

Just a quick update to note that this project is not abandoned, but life is currently getting in the way. The semester has wrapped up, but with the holidays and preparing for a trip where I'll be in India for 20 days, I have not had time to do much game programming for this. I am taking a computer with me on vacation and maybe I'll do some game programming in the evenings, but who knows how much energy I'll have. Then, when I'm back in the states, it's immediately back to work. YAY! O_O

I'm hoping the start of the semester will be relatively light and that I will be able to finish up the game pack in February or March. Wish me luck. ;-;

Also, I super appreciate everyone who has donated for the game! It is always nice to get on itchio and see a little notification, and it makes me happy that people like the game pack enough to drop a dollar or three. :) So thank you!!

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Enjoy India. I'd love to go there some day.


Hi Rachel, don’t worry about it! Take plenty of time to enjoy yourself during your time off, and have a great time in India. Don’t force yourself to work in the evenings when you’re away, you need some downtime even when on holidays. Have a great trip, and Merry Christmas =]

Thanks so much! I really appreciate it. <3