Diving into my old games

I have the source code to most of my old projects.

Oddly, DeviantArt allowed (allows?) uploading zip files to uploads, and I had hosted many of my games (and their source) on DeviantArt back in the 2000's. Because of this, I still have access to the source code and game files for my more notable games, with the exception of Lenxion, which I did not upload with the source code. Since the DA days, I've also been storing most of this old code in a "code-atrocities" repository for safe keeping.

During my "golden age" of game development (the late 00's), I wrote my games in C++ with Allegro4. I wasn't particularly good at programming - in fact, if you try to read that source code, it is all quite bad. However, these small games got finished; possibly because I didn't care enough about code quality to spend much time on clean code design.

During my 20s (that is, the 2010's), I had a hard time deciding on a platform and a language and a library to use. I made games with Java/LibGDX, Python/PyGame, Python/RenPy, Lua/Love2D, Lua/Gideros, JavaScript, C++/SDL, and C++/SFML. I published some games for Android devices, but developing for mobile always proved to be a huge pain in the ass, and I never felt really at home writing any language that wasn't C++. I also wrote multiple engines for each language in hopes of making a reusable toolset I could use across all games. However, the anxiety over choosing the "right platform" kept me from doing much. Clearly, nobody would play my games if it were for PC - we were in an age of apps - but I also couldn't bring myself to continue making games just in Lua, relying on the Gideros platform to export to Java, and trying to get that all working for Android. It just didn't always work, and I was tired of relying on things that didn't always work.

I had toyed around with building C++/SDL for Android with the NDK, and I did have that work, but my Kuko engine also ran with Lua for config and other files, and for whatever reason (probably time, again, I have always had to work full time) I never got around to figuring out how to get Lua built for Android as well.

I missed the days of the 2000's where I could just write a PC game and not worry about platforms or discoverability. The notable games I made in the 2010s included...

K.C. Noire, 2012 - A text adventure made to be like L.A. Noire, but set in KC and overly silly.

JAM&RAM, 2012 (complete) - A SHMUP made in Java/LibGDX for a competition on my old message board

Legacy of Xmas, 2012 - An action RPG inspired by old shareware games that would always have Christmas-themed releases. In particular, gameplay inspired by God of Thunder, which was most likely inspired by Legend of Zelda. ;P

Fantazio de Esperanto, 2014 - A language learning game I made but never added on to like I thought I would.

Merri: Language Fantasy, 2015 - A follow-up to Fantazio de Esperanto, but didn't get finished either.

Gift Grab: Christmas Quandary, 2015 - a game I originally wrote for a company, but reskinned and released myself once they decided to not publish it (I had to refund the whole $600 they paid me.)

Fin 'N' Kit (aka Delfino & Katyuno), 2016 - technically everything is put together, the level editor is complete, but I never made levels for the game.

Attack of the Mutant Lawnmowers, 2017 - A visual novel adventure game remake of an old VB game I made as a kid.

Flipside Fairytales: Sleeping Beauty, 2018 - Another visual novel I worked on for a bit

Undead Debt, 2018 - A game about student loans in the postapocalypse

Math Kingdom Quest, 2019 - An educational, co-operative game for practicing arithmetic skills.

Lenxion: The Cursed Castle, 2019 - An attempt to remake the old arcade game Venture but with a Lenxion theme.

...OK that was actually a lot more than I had thought. It's just that, when I think of the 2010's, really nothing comes to mind except Fin 'n' Kit and Gift Grab. A lot of these games I'm definitely fond of the idea of, but besides FNK and GG none of them are really that "complete" (except, maybe, JAM&RAM).

Reworking old games for Vamoose

On the plus side, all my C++/Allegro4 games will be relatively easy to rework for C++/SFML. On the negative side, due to the language/platform-anxiety I suffered throughout the 2010's, reworking any of these for Vamoose would be basically akin to rewriting the games.

Building out the game selection menu in Vamoose, it does make me want to have a row of 2000's games, 2010's games, and any new 2020's games I make, but a lot of the 2010's games aren't even built to be multiplayer. Sure, some games on Vamoose could be single-player; it would be cool to see Gift Grab on here. I'm just not sure how motivated I feel at the moment to retool any of those.

If I were going to rework four 2010's games, I guess it would be Gift Grab, Fin 'n' Kit, Undead Debt, and Math Kingdom Quest.

Thoughts of new games for Vamoose

As far as new games go, I am excited at the idea of making a small multiplayer game and then testing it with others and designing it iteratively that way. Build - test - build - test - etc.

As mentioned last time, I have a lot of fond memories of playing Champions of Norrath with friends back in the day, and I would love to recreate that experience of going on a quest together with three friends in a video game.

Beyond that urge, I don't really know what else I'd work on, but I suppose that I have the entirety of the 2020's to figure that out.

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