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Agghh, so I've been refactoring my ezha engine to make it more manageable but here's the thing... I'm a C++ programmer and I don't have the same depth of knowledge in Python as I do in C++. I keep trying to write everything like I would in C++, and I don't fully understand the finer points of OOP stuff in Python (e.g., what's the difference between PARENT.__init__() and Super( PARENT, self ).__init__() ??)

So right now I'm just feeling pretty frustrated. I want to go back to my Kuko engine with C++, but that engine also needs work (I have to get rid of memory leaks somewhere in something handling textures).

I'm also angry at myself for not just sticking with one thing.

I'm also angry at myself that it's not simple enough to build PyGame applications for Android. I've done it before, but it looks like all the work going into making it possible is from the RenPy developer, who I respect a lot, but it doesn't seem like a great idea to rely on tech being built/maintained by one person to be able to export for Android.

It's also a pain in the ass to build C++/SDL projects for Android as well. I just want it to be EASY. This is ridiculous.

And I don't want to use Unity, even though a voice in the back of my head says I should. But, I want to use open source tools. I don't like using proprietary tools for my games and, potentially, my livelihood (down the line?)

Another problem is THE IDE. I cannot find a good, free, open source IDE for Python projects. It's so frustrating. At least with C++ I can use Code::Blocks, which I've used for at least a decade now.

So now I'm at a mental block: Keep working on Undead Debt with Python? Or go back to my Kuko framework, replace all the self-done memory management with smart pointers (or rip out SDL and replace it with SFML), and re-develop what I have so far in that.

And I'm frustrated because I'm so prone to this behavior - thing isn't perfect? Throw everything out and start fresh with something else.

And I don't know how to get myself to fully just commit to something.

Maybe it's because of my lack of free time. Maybe this work hiatus will help this personality defect of mine. 

I don't know.

I mean at the end of the day, this is a side project... In January, I'm going to work on some mobile educational games to try to make a profit off something, and I'll probably be using Gideros Mobile. I've already made and published several games with it. It doesn't export to Linux and it doesn't have a Linux editor, so I'll have to concede to using Windows for development (🤮), then for PC game development it's going to have to be Python or C++ because it has to be available in Linux.


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I feel your frustration. As for a good, open source Python IDE, have you tried IntelliJ IDEA (or PyCharm)? I use it for both Java, Kotlin and Python, and I've been pretty happy with it.

I have not though recently I've been learning emacs + spacemacs and I'm really enjoying it.