Added "High Five King" minigame and QOL updates

Thanks everybody who has played my game and donated some money so far! :)

I spent a bunch of this week refactoring the code base and making little quality of life improvements, as well as implementing High Five King, which is finally done tonight.

I have game saves implemented but for the time being I'm having the game reset the data each time it launches. This is to prevent crashing when changing versions of the game, and the completed version will have saving enabled.

Updates this version:

  • Added Options menu where you can adjust Sound Effects Volume and Music Volume separately (click the PlayDate menu button to access). Also has "Clear data" button, press and hold to clear data (but currently, data is cleared upon each new boot of the game.)
  • Added Credits screen, added credits for the fonts used from the PlayDate SDK files.
  • Made the Bass in Bass Ball inverted so it's easier to see them.
  • Made the Aliens in We Have Lasers inverted so it's easier to see them.
  • Made lasers travel faster in We Have Lasers and adjusted amount of Aliens in early levels for faster gameplay.
  • Added level select screen for level based games: Bass Ball, We Have Lasers, High 5 King.

Planned updates for the future:

  • High score list saving and viewing
  • Adding games that haven't been added yet. ;P
  • Adding more variety to I Hate Skeletons.

Additional notes:

  • I've been noticing a glitch with the music on the actual PlayDate device that isn't showing up in emulation. I'm using the latest version of the SDK, so this might be something I need to write a workaround for.

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Jul 24, 2022

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