Added "Motor Horse" and some fixes

Hi all ~

Sorry, I meant to update sooner and I meant to put Pupreciation in this version as well as Motor Horse, but I got sick and I've been stressed out about work. ^_^;; So v1.5 just has Motor Horse as the new game. I also worked on some fixes. Overall I'm moving much slower than I did during the summer, when my work load was ~so much lighter~!

Thank you for your patience!

Motor Horse!

Motor Horse is a prequel to Christmas Horse 1. Use the crank to gain height to guide SpyHorse through the obstacles and collect tasty birds. Stop cranking in order to coast downward.


  • If the game crashes when updating from a previous version, please press the MENU button, go to OPTIONS, and clear the game data.


  • Added game Motor Horse
  • Updated input manager to hopefully make menu navigation better (keyup state recognized again).
  • Fixed issue where sound/music volume wasn't being saved.
  • Added audio cues to the "reset game data" hold-button as it "loads".
  • Updated gamedata to store its version - currently, game data will be reset if the current game version doesn't match the savedata version (i.e., new version). This will be changed once the game pack is "complete", but during development you might lose savegame data each version release.

Known issues:

  • On PlayDate hardware (but not emulation) sometimes the background music cuts out during a level

Future updates planned:

  • Pupreciation game + another game released for v1.6.
  • Update "I Hate Skeletons" to be a multi-level game; add more features (powerups? enemies?).
  • Adjust difficulty of "High Five King" - it's probably too easy right now.
  • High score list saving and viewing

Thanks to Dave!

I had taken my PlayDate to the Paper Plains Zine Fest earlier in September with zines about my games. One person asked if they could play my games, and I had my PlayDate with me so I let them try Toilet Paper Cat. The result, however, was this...

The person had pressed on the screen really hard, causing some kind of damaged pixels on my PlayDate. 😭

Dave Hayden with Panic saw my tweet and offered to send me another device that they had gotten back due to some other thing that needed fixing, so we basically swapped PlayDates!

I mailed my "old" PlayDate back to them so hopefully they can fix the screen and swap it with someone else who might have technical problems down the road. I didn't even tag anyone at Panic about the device's screen, I just figured I'd live with it, but they were very kind to allow me to swap for an other one that they happened to have around. So thanks to the people at Panic! :)

I think now at conventions I'll just show games on my laptop, and give the person a cheap game controller to play my games with. ^_^;;

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Sep 18, 2022

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That screen damage is shocking. People!


I know! I have let like a dozen kids play my PlayDate and they were all great, but one adult borked it up. :'(