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Promissory Note 1. Borrower's Promise to Pay I promise to pay U.S. $29,478.61 (the "Principal"), plus interest, to Nulbet. I will make all payments listed below. I understand that I am bound to this note now and forever, until the debt is paid, and that this debt cannot be forgiven, even as a result of bankruptcy, acts of God, death, or societal collapse.

Society has been obliterated due to war, climate change, and the zombie outbreak. All over what was once the U.S., small outposts remain where cities once were. The wilderness outside of cities are hostile, but resources are dwindling within.

And you still have to pay off your student loans.

Travel around the country, taking up jobs in the "Gig Economy" to earn money, and in turn pay off your student loans. 

Be careful, as zombies roam around everywhere, and you don't want to fall into medical debt should you be hurt. Don't tally, either: your loan continues growing due to interest.

Art, design, programming by Rachel Singh

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