Zombie Maker - WIP!

I've taken a bit of a break from working on Undead Debt this past week just due to being busy and tired and depressed. I really should be grading the huge backlog of programming assignments I have to do - oh well.

Before I get really into doing the character art, I decided to work on a Zombie Maker webapp for people to make and take screenshots of their own zombies. That way, we can really have zombies with millennial styles. 8)

I need to do more art to get it ready to use... Hopefully I can get it up and running before Halloween! Although we all know that student loans are truly timeless, I assume that people will be less interested in zombifying themselves after October 31st.

Tech stuff

I began trying to write this from scratch with JavaScript and HTML5 Canvas, but since I don't use it that much I was running into problems with drawing images properly once they loaded and it was being a huge pain in the butt for me. Finally, I decided to just use my Shida framework - some JS boilerplate I had written in the past to make web games. The Shida framework, plus the Template Game, has everything needed to get started ASAP with a JavaScript game (because setting up a JS game is somehow even more annoying than setting up a game with Python or C++.)

So yeah, I had to throw out some code, but I've done all this in this morning. The coding now is negligible, and I just have to finish the art.

Source Code

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